<i>Strong Hawk:</i> <i>My Sister's Keeper</i>
<i>Strong Hawk:</i> <i>My Sister's Keeper</i>

Strong Hawk: My Sister's Keeper

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The Strong Hawk Clan

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    Andy J. Carlson as Ed Sparks

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    Sierra Mora as Vengeance "Vin" Strong

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    Kenté Scott as Sebastian Strong

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    CaSh Evans as Liv Strong

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    Khela Campos as Katia

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    Geeta Rai as Anathea

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    Patricia Mazle as Kiesha

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    Amanda Doss as Eva Hawk

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    Barnaby Falls as Marcus

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    Kara Anderson as Elegance "Ella" Strong

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    Candace Latigue as Aunt Tammy

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    Keely Dervin as Ms. Brimstone

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    Pharoah Powell as Chan

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    Jeffrey Tyler Moon as Uncle Alex

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    Keita Jones as Asahd

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    LIsa Wynn as Kitty

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    Karen Cox as Justine

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Strong Hawk is a series of films and My Sister's Keeper is part one. The film is the story of the Strong sisters who lost their parents over a decade ago and now discover they have powers. They attempt to help their community by acting as vigilantes but their heroic efforts make the ladies vulnerable to their natural enemies. This begins a journey for them to unravel family secrets and test themselves to see if they are really heroes.

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Kara Anderson
(Elegance Strong)

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Sierra Mora
(Vengeance Strong)

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CaSh Evans
(Liv Strong)

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Ramasses T. Head

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Karen Cox

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Damon A. Hart

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Her Story In The Making

These are the Strong sisters, like most families they have their trials and tribulations but they come together when it matters. United they can take on anything.. Strong Hawk Clan.

Behind The Scenes

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Meet the Production Team

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My Passion.
My Sister's Keeper is the culmination of several years of conception and networking. This is my career passion project that for a long time seemed unachievable. Today it is a reality and I'm thankful for the opportunity to present it to the world.

To the cast and crew.
Most people will tell you that in independent filmmaking you should have just a couple main characters and locations. We broke all of those rules. Without you there is no me. So many talented people gave countless hours to make this a reality. 25 days of production. Filmmaking in one of the most collaborative art forms. I want to thank every one of you for sharing your talents and believing in me.
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Strong Hawk: My sisters Keeper is a production of History In The Making Entertainment.

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