Damon A. Hart
Writer/ 1st AD

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Damon A. Hart is a writer from Oakland, California. After winning the Martin Luther King Oratorical Competition with his first play in 6th grade Damon has always found creative ways to tell a story. He went on to become a music producer and songwriter, during this time he penned many a verse for local independent recording artists.

In 2006 he was approached by longtime friend and business partner Ramasses T. Head along with veteran filmmaker Mario Bobino to write the screenplay for what would be his first feature film entitled TownBiz.

He then went on to write the screenplay for ‘Watch Phoenix Rise”. Where he serves as an Executive Producer as well as the Composer for the score of the film.

Damon loves to write stories that touch your heart and make you think. He has an ability to take themes that everyone can relate to and create memorable characters that are both relatable and lovable.

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