Megan Kane
(Police Officer)

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I have a few goals I'll reach in this lifetime. They're some of the first things everyone I meet learn about me. 1) I am going to Mars, I'll accept the Moon, LEO or Deep Space as alternatives if absolutely necessary. 2) Before I leave Earth I will visit all seven continents and touch all 4 oceans - you won't catch me swimming in the Arctic ocean, at least not intentionally. 3) Never stop learning and experiencing new things.

The third one is what drew me to the entertainment industry. There is so much to do and learn. The best part is you get to embody someone that can be as different form you as night and day. Even as a kid I played at being an explorer, I would get lost in books and the sense of wonder as I created or absorbed new worlds was amazing. That same sense of wonder drives me to become what the script or director is asking me to become. And when you get it right, well that's the best part.

My background is diverse and my skill sets equally so. From my childhood in the Midwest I have horseback riding , dance, archery, martial arts and other eclectic skills. That's when i first started playing with accents - I learned a southern one for a church play. And yes, most of my early acting experience was through church or school. While I loved every minute of it and often wished to be the kid in the movie I was watching, I never thought it could be me.

Obviously that's changed. Today I'm using my diverse global experiences to bring characters to life. From the a rocket launch in Kazakhstan, to Peace Corps in Malawi, to hiking the Great Wall of China, to wandering through Rome, everywhere I travel I absorb the ambiance, the history and culture. This helps me grow as a person.

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