Karen Cox
Producer/ Production Designer/ Actor

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Karen Cox is an American Actress/Model/Television Host born July 30, 1979 in Champagne-Urbana, Illinois. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area as a small child and was raised in the city of Livermore. Ms. Cox graduated from Livermore High School and went on to earn an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Las Positas Community College. She then moved to Oakland in 2006 and began her acting career.

Ms. Cox first appeared in several television commercials before landing a part in the movie "Town Biz" (2010). Her acting career has included hosting television programs "The Wiggle Box" and "Kicking it with Coxxy."  She has starred in subsequent movies, including "Watch Phoenix Rise" (2014), "Straight Outta Oakland" (2014), "Basketball 3:16" (2014), "Family First, The Marshawn Lynch Story" (2015), "Hunting Season" (2016), "Fear and Love" (2017), "The Leather Coat" (2018) and the upcoming movie "Strong Hawk: My Sister's Keeper" (filming). Her career includes work behind the camera, earning credit as a producer, production designer, and costume and wardrobe designer for multiple films, including "Fools and Babies" (2015).

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